Has my SSN been Pwned


Yes, it’s likely your SSN has been exposed.

How can you protect yourself? 🤔
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🤷 Assume your SSN is already compromised

Breach after breach exposes social security numbers

“It’s totally reasonable to assume that your social security number has been compromised at least once, if not many times” – Mike Chapple

🛡️ Protect your identity

  1. Freeze your credit
  2. Set up a “My Social Security” account
  3. Assume everything is a scam
  4. Beware the “SIM Swap”
  5. Get better “MFA”
  6. Stop giving out your SSN
  7. Can I change my SSN?
  8. Contact the FTC

❄️ Freeze your credit ❄️

Make it harder for scammers to open accounts in your name.

⚠ They may try to sell you “boosts” and “locks” but a credit freeze should be free. ⚠

🎗 You will need to temporarily lift freezes to apply for credit. 🎗

Setup a “my Social Security” account 💳

Set up an account at ssa.gov account so that a bad actor can’t get there first and impersonate you.

Assume every email, call, text message is a scam 🎭 

They may already have your SSN, name, DoB, drivers license, address. They want that last bit of info to take over your accounts.

  • 📵 Don’t click links
  • 📵 Don’t call phone numbers
  • 📵 Don’t respond to text messages

e.g. “Credit card company” calls about some fraudulant activity. Hang up and call the number on the back of your credit card

Beware the SIM swap

A scammer convinces your wireless carrier to transfer your number to their device. Now they receive your account verification text messages

  • Call your carrier and ask to set up a “Port Freeze”.
  • You will need to create a PIN. Make it long, unique, include letters if possible, and save it somewhere safe.

Get better MFA

A SIM swap only helps a scammer if you are using your cell service to prove your identity.

Wherever possible, use an authenticator app instead of your email or cell phone.

🚫 Stop giving out SSN

  • Most websites and paper forms don’t need your SSN. Make them prove their need.
  • You may be able to use an EIN instead, but talk to lawyer / accountant first.

Can I change my SSN? 🤔  

Even if your SSN has appeared in a data breach, you can only get a new number if you have already been a victim of identity theft and you continue to be “disadvantaged” by using the original number.

Contact the FTC 📞 

If you’re a victim of identity thieves, call the Federal Trade Commission at (877) 382-4357 and visit their identity theft page.

About ‘Has My SSN Been Pwned’

It started as a just-for-grins parody site in response to the T-Mobile breach. Then I realized it could be:

  1. 🎓 Educational
  2. 🗃️ A central place for direct links to hard-to-find resources

“Dad, here’s everything you need to freeze your credit with all 3 major credit bureaus”.

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